Grub | 412BaitCo

The Reinvented Rejuvenated Staple Bait is the 412baitco Grub

My go-to bass bait for a winter pattern is 412baitco’s 3.5 Grub in the River Raider, Greensicle, or Green Pumpkin Special color. I’m excited to get my hands on the newest SOTY Pumpkin color soon! These grubs have no equal in terms of softness, action, and color choice.

The Plastic The 412 grub’s tail draws fish in with both a heavy flapping action and an unreal flash that other grubs don’t produce. That extra flash in these hand poured plastics seals the deal. For river smallmouth in clearer waters I like the natural colors of 412baits. The river raider color really mimics so much of what these bass eat year round. This bait really shines for river bass, fished almost the same way you would for flipping or working a typical bass jig on the bottom.

The Setup:

I cleanly cut about a ¼ inch off the head end of the grub and pair it with a Green Pumpkin Z-Man Finesse Shroomz Ned Rig Jighead in 1/5oz. or 1/10oz. weight depending on depth/current. ( sells them at a good price)

Cutting a little of the grub-head off helps the grub lay flat up against the shroomz jighead. For this finesse look it also helps the bait be more compact and fits the jig better. When rigging the bait, I make sure the grubs tail is turned up in-line or similar to the bend of the hook.

This bait is easily fished with a medium-light spinning outfit 15-20lb. braid to an 8lb. fluoro 3-4ft. leader. Braid helps feel the winter bite better and adds to better hookups in my opinion.

The Placement:

For wintertime, when reading the water, look for places in the river that have good depth (5-7ft) and edge-lines near slack water or eddies. If structure such as rock ledges or wood is nearby, that’s a huge plus. Cast so the bait will drop down into holes from moving to stiller water. Let the bait fall on a slack line until it’s on the bottom; ever so slowly picking the bait up a few inches at a time raising and dropping the rod tip (basically crawling the bait along the bottom reeeal slow.) The Shroomz jig-heads do a great job keeping the bait dropping vertically in the water column. The 412 grubs enlarged tail also helps the fall of bait and often attracts hits off the cast if the lure is allowed to fall freely.

In warmer times of the year for shallower more active bass, I fish the bait more as an in-line spinner or Mepps, pulling it quickly across runs and rocky holes covering water.

The 412Grub/Ned-head is such a simple setup that is often overlooked as a fantastic cold-water bass producer. This set-up over the last few weeks, on multiple rivers in North Carolina, has out fished all other baits including flies!  412baitco Grubs on the last two trips of 2016 pulled in smallmouth up to 5 POUNDS and a heavy bag of largemouth on an eastern river including a couple over 4lbs! Not bad for mid winter basin down South.