Crush Dogma | 6th Sense Lures

Straight out of Texas… 6th Sense Lure Co. in Willis, TX has been making some crazy innovative baits for years. My personal hands down favorite new lure in 2016 was the 6th Sense Crush Dogma™ 100mm – 1/2oz size in French Bone Pearl color. Adding a feather tail-hook at the rear makes this lure is unstoppable for big bass! They flat out nail this lure and I have the proof.

The crush dogma is a three treble hook ‘walk-the dog’ style bait that just glides back and forth at the twitch of the rod tip. The bait comes with a knocking rattle system that seems tuned to attract big bass for the take. I had this one lure on my rod catching bass from Florida to Michigan in 2016, not to mention smallmouth in NC and TN. You can really produce a ton of good commotion on the water’s surface with this 4 inch long bait! One feature that adds to this is a little cupping around the mouth of the bait that splashes water all over when the lure is jerked forward. The 100mm size is the ideal size walking bait for me; easy to cast on medium spinning or baitcasting gear.



I have an addiction to fishing with topwater baits and this one really fuels that bug. Two of the best bass topwater strikes I’ve ever had were on the Dogma, these fish hit the lure without hesitation and with a fury that stops the heart! I’ve caught numerous fish over five pounds in the short time I’ve owned this one lure by 6th sense.