Anchor Baits

Anchor Baits Co is an eco-friendly company out of Colorado. They specialize in soft plastics and a variety of custom colors. They strive to produce unique high-quality plastic baits at affordable prices. Anchor Baits Co. has an easy to use website that allows you to see all of their products and make online purchases.  Aside from a large line-up of soft plastic baits, anchor baits also sells KVD Mustad hooks, some hard crankbaits, and hand poured drop-shot weights.

Just recently Anchor Baits announced that they are going “green” in terms of their plastic baits being eco-friendly and biodegradable as well as their plastic scents being all natural and non-toxic to the environment. We appreciate their conservation effort to keep lake and rivers clean! Friendly and quick service makes this company worth checking out for your custom fishing needs.

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4” Kickin Frog in Night Rider Color

This 4 inch long “toad” style bait with kicker legs is a must have for your topwater frog tackle box. This easy to cast frog makes the perfect bubbling surface commotion when retrieved at a medium speed. I personally like topwater baits that are either dark or very light. The Night Rider color has that nice dark profile with a little sparkle added in. We fished this bait for early fall river bass who are still looking for a nice meal. Rigged weedless with a 3/0 owner screw-in swimbait hook you can cast it into heavy riverbank structure and pull out massive strikes from both smallmouth bass and largemouth. In the future I’m looking to pair this 4 inch frog up with double frog hooks for a better hookup ratio.

Check out this youtube video where I caught the massive top water hit on the GoPro!