Bizz Baits

I enjoyed meeting with Bizz Bait owners Brian Souza and his wife Ellie at the Raleigh Fishing expo this winter. I was truly impressed with their overall professionalism and products. Brain is punching into the custom plastic market with true class… not many custom plastic bait companies can nail so many aspects like Bizz Baits. First off, their website is really top notch with great photos to help you pick out that specific color that will pound your local bass. This is a custom bait company with a plastic that will work in your local area guaranteed. Next, their selection of plastic baits is on point!

Killer Kraw

Looking over the product selection at the fishing expo I could see that Bizz Baits really stood out for making natural looking plastics in a wide range of natural colors and innovative styles. It was tough to pick from the great choices, but I landed on few packs of Killer Kraws and Cutter Craws in Green Pumpkin Special and Green Pumpkin Blue. A few weeks later on the river I was sure glad I did, after sticking multiple trophy smallmouth on the Green Pumpkin Special Color Killer Kraw. Those bass inhaled the Kraws without hesitation and really hung on making the hooksets easy.


Dizzy Diamond

I heard some NC kayak buddies raving about the Dizzy Diamond shaky head plastic worms and decided it was definitely worth a try. And again, I was really pleased that I made the right decision to try them out. The tail action in the water is mesmerizing and triggers those tough bites on finicky bass. Fishing for spring time shoal bass in Georgia was really showed me how fish will latch on to this finesse bait.  If you’re a tournament angler and don’t have some of these in your arsenal your missing out! Big time.


Sassy Stick

The Sassy Stick has already helped land bass in some difficult midday fishing situations. I like to fish the sassy stick Neko style with a nail weight and a wacky O-ring. I use a backward facing VMC Neko Hook under the o-ring. Super easy presentation… just let the bait fall near cover or in a river eddy. This finesse presentation works great with Bizzbait’s very natural color lineup especially in clear lakes and rivers.


Cutter Craw

For tons of kick and flash the Cutter Craw has you covered. This bait’s unique craw arms flash, produce action, and push lots of water in one motion. This can be useful when the river is muddy, you want a bait that really moves some water and flashes. I like the darker colors in muddy or high-water river situations, these help the smallmouth key in on the bait and attack!


Click the link below to check out their website… you won’t be disappointed!