Bug Wild Fly Co

A true North Carolina local custom fly tier, Daniel Seaman, is leading the pack tying some of the buggiest and unique patterns on the small batch fly market. He’s got a super clean website where you can checkout his art work and pick up a few to try yourself. I sometimes struggle to tie a beautiful meatwad smallmouth snack, but I always remember these files are meant to be chunked at aggressive bass! You can tell Daniel really thinks like a true bass fisherman based on his signature collection of warm-water flies.  These flies really hold up to the field test, with countless smallmouth attacks on each Bug Wild fly in my box.


As a smallmouth bass guide I needed flies that I could really trust and depend on in tough situations with clients. I called Daniel and had over a dozen custom WNC flies in my hands in two weeks. These warmwater flies have really proven again and again that they can put smallmouth and largemouth in the boat. Some of the bigger warmwater wads almost mimic finesse bass jigs in action and presentation.  These warm water flies really can target about any freshwater species. There’s even a few patterns that would be just perfect for slinging at hungry carp.  We’ve caught many rock bass, bream, and redhorse suckers on them fishing for smallmouth in the mountains.

I’ve had other local guides checkout my fly box and always comment on these flies specifically. These flies are tied to order and this level of quality takes a little time to work up and process, as with all custom tackle orders it’s important to be patient.