Deep Creek Lures

I first came across Deep Creek Lures years ago at the Raleigh Fishing Expo. You could smell their booth 2 aisles away! …the garlic aroma leading you in. I first tried some super garlic crappie plastics and moved in to worms and senko style worms. Their ‘Sink and Catch’ and ‘Float and Catch’  senko type worms with garlic impregnation are one of my trusted favorites for bass, especially in Eastern NC and Florida. They make colors that show up in that dark tannic water.  Deep Creek’s plastic selection and colors are unreal and they’ve been doing this for awhile guys! This company has been leading the way in the southeast for custom plastics for years… helping anglers catch trophies and take home big prize money in the tournament world. This company has the “scent” game down-pat and it really triggers crazy bites that really hang on to the plastic… and your hook!

The Story

I have to tell you a fish story. Spring Break 2017 I headed to Florida on a quest to find a bass over 9lbs. the epic TEN pounder! I tell my wife where I’m camping and that I will return when the deed is done. I take all kinds of lures and baits, never knowing what fishing situation Florida might put in front of me daily. The first two days were amazing, but they ended in a few miserable defeated efforts to land a big fish, with multiple fish completely breaking off that I could clearly see were in the 10lb. range.

So… the second night I called my wife to tell her that things are really getting serious and I was regrouping and doubling down that night. I stayed up most of that night working in the darkness with a head lamp, going through hundreds of choices and eventually rigging up the one thing I could really trust and rely on.  

In the morning I had to two rods rigged up with braid tied to 4 foot long 15lb. Floro leaders and 4/0 Lunker City Fishing co. Texposer Hooks (the largest I could find in my tackle boxes.)  I decided to wacky rig a Deep Creek Lures 5” Sink ‘N Catch senko style worm in a purple junebug color and one in a green pumpkin color. Over the next two days I caught so many nice bass. Including  two fish weighing over 10 lbs!!  


I don’t say this lightly, If I were looking to hunt for a trophy bass I would have these plastics on the end of my line!