Freeminnow and the Freeworm | 412BaitCo

If they were actually “free”… I would have 100 packs in every color. As a finesse fisherman I can’t get enough of these baits. The freeminnows act super natural as a soft plastic jerk bait rigged weightless on a larger worm or wide gap hook.  Their subtle fall is irresistible to big bass. Freeminnows come in both 3.5” and 5” sizes.

The freemworms are my go-to super finesse baits. They are outstanding rigged on a drop shot, Carolina, Texas, splitshot, or rigged weightless. I’ve run out of these plastics many days on the river after catching countless  river smallmouth on the salt and pepper 4.5″ Freeworm. They come in two perfect sizes a 4.5” and 6” and if you want 5” its not hard to make.. which I sometime do and pair it with a shakey head jig.

You have two options for type of plastic Tournament series (TS) or Standard Formula (SF). The TS is really soft and sinks quickly, one of my favorites! And the SF is a bit more durable and sinks slowly. Both formulas have great action.