Frosty Hopper

So many inner struggles reviewing Frosty Fly’s Realistic Grasshopper/cricket patterns for one reason – as a fishing guide I want to keep them top secret. True story, I’ve had guys see the Frosty Hopper on the end of my line and chastise me “that live bait is not allowed on this river.” I’ve had others mostly “old school” flyfisherman “Poo Poo” my Frosty Hopper because they said it was cheating and it’s not a natural fly (I can’t think of a fly that looks more natural). I’m not a “fly fishing only” kind of guy. I fish all methods including chunking bait every once in a while. Something about watching a bobber go under is special (for the record I call strike indicators bobbers too!) A true angler is one that can adapt to any specific setting.

Yes, these flies appear to be digitally made with a 3D printer… the fact is, they catch fish!! After two years now of slinging them, I’ve caught such an array of fish species on them, especially big trout. I’ve had brown trout chase these super natural looking hoppers down river on a bad drift and still commit to crushing the fly. Fly fishing is not easy and we have all had our struggles on the river even after years of casting and mending. Why not have a fly in your box that consistently catches trout throughout the summer and fall months like these hoppers do!

My opinion is the sport of fly fishing is dynamic and has been constantly changing since day one. With the new surge in Tenkara rods, Euro nymphin, clear fly line, tungsten weighted flies and furled leaders, why should we put down a foam fly that looks exactly like the real thing. Match the hatch is the key point in any fly fishing magazine or publication. So… I kind of giggle when folks “poo poo” these hoppers because they aren’t tied with fur or feathers. I kind of don’t argue with those folks, just smile and think about all the epic takes they are missing from not throwing these deadly trout bombs.

I have so many stories about these unique flies making personal and guide trips turn into epic adventures. I had a guided smallmouth trip last summer where the bass stopped biting everything in my tacklebox, we had caught some nice bass that morning on spinning tackle but it had been a long lull since a bite. I could tell my clients we getting hot and a little tired of casting soft plastics baits without success. I had stowed a 5wt. flyrod in the raft that day and asked if they wanted to give it a shot at least catch a few bream. They were hesitant and I got the normal, “that fly fishing looks hard not sure if I can cast a flyrod.” Within minutes they both caught there first fish on a flyrod and were loving it! They fly fished the entire rest of the float and caught numerous bass and bluegills on a yellow Frosty Hopper!

Dang, I’m sharing more reasons why I love these things. They float high and are easy to see on the water. They self -right themselves 99%  of the times within a second on hitting the water. They float a dropper behind them and act as a perfect strike indicator for nymphs. They cast easily and are great for beginners flyfisher people.

So sure… share this post with your friends or don’t.. and keep it all to yourself, or not…