Gill Reaper Lures

It’s way down in South Florida where the fresh and saltwater species meet in a crazy canal labyrinth water system that holds fish like Peacock Bass that feed on tilapia, shiners, or cichlids. This is where you’ll find lure designer Jason Stadnik making exotic baits to mimic and catch some of the craziest fish in North America. I ran into Jason’s product while stopping at One stop Marine near Pembroke Pines, Florida. I was instantly amazed by the the realism and unique patterns that matched the SOFL hatch precisely. These lures are found at a few tackle shops in South Florida including Competition Tackle, Bait Em Up, and One Stop Marine.


One really cool aspect of Gill Reaper Lures is that Jason will rehab old hard baits by giving them a super realistic paint job.  He does some great paint work on topwater baits for both fresh and saltwater fish. I’ve been impressed with his artistry of exotic species found in South Florida waterways, but he can customize these baits to any region if you ask him.

Some great Exotic color choices:

The Peacock Bass Fry (2 colors)
Swimming Minnow in Green Cichlid
Swimming Minnow Mini Spotted Tilapia
Swimming Minnow in Red Cichlid

Gill Reaper Lures makes patterns for fishing in any part of the country. I have a bluegill crankbait that has caught fish in North Carolina. The swimming minnow in a Rainbow Trout pattern looks great for trout or bass fishing anywhere.   

Some of my best Peacock bass strikes have been on these lures, the fish really commit because they look so real.  If your fishing in south Florida stop in and check these lures out in person. They are impressive to see. It will make your fishing trip a lot easier and more productive.