Mattingly Custom Baits

3.75″ Custom Craws

Spent a day walking around the East Tennessee Fishing Expo this past winter looking for custom baits that would work well for my smallmouth bass guide business and CTR.  After looking through countless bins and around multiple booths of plastic and hard baits I found Mattingly Custom Baits specialty colors patterns to be some of the best at the show. All of his plastics had a nice natural look as well as bass attracting properties like flash or transitional lines.


I picked up a couple packs of Alligator Chomp Color Craws and went to work fishing preseason trophy smallmouth in the local rivers! Boy, did those baits in that specific color help catch some amazing fish this winter and early Spring!


Josh explains the Alligator Chomp Color best on his FB site saying” it has more of a color changing effect” the pinchers on Craw go from brown to a watermelon green color. This helps really catch the light well and flashes more than the body. It presumably is leading to more strikes from cold water bass in my opinion. Some solid MC Baits colors for Craws that really stood out for targeting river bass were swamp craw, crawdad orange, molting craw, and midnight GP craw.



6.25″ Shaky Shake Worms

Their 6.25″ Shaky Shake Worms in a 15 per pack has some exciting colors to try like Ecto Pumpkin and Molting Craw colors. These should be killer for Summer bass in the south!


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