Nextgen Baits | 7″ Wounded Rattle Shad SX

The Wounded Rattle Shad SX is  a realistic 7’’ soft plastic jerkbait that has a single treble in the belly or VMC wide gap hook to rig completely weedless. Nextgen Baits has almost every baitfish pattern in high definition graphics to choose from, perfect for matching your local hatch!

This winter we have been testing out the brown trout and rainbow trout pattern with both hook setups. Nextgen did a great job with how one prong of the treble hook fits nicely up into the body of the plastic and keeps the hook tucked up and out of the way. Which also allows the treble hook “Wounded Rattle Shad SX”  to swim freely and have great action, this really impressed me. That treble hook has already helped put fish in the boat! In the river it’s helpful to have that treble hook ready to snage those quick strikes.  Fishing these jerkbaits in a lake setting, the VMC wide gap hook setup would be my choice, the hidden hook and great action will trick big bass into biting and holding on.

I almost forget at times that this bait has an embedded rattle system, I guess it’s often overlooked because of this baits exceptional action and lifelike graphics. The sound really helps draw fish in close to see how good this bait really looks. I really like the overall profile and size of the 7” baits, the length really adds to the baits fluidity and action in the water. Honestly the profile is spot on with about 4.5 inches being the meat of the plastic before it tapers off greatly at the tail, again inducing a ton of action to the plastic jerkbait.

This bait is going to be deadly for me in a lot of fishing settings this year. It really has everything a fisherman would want, action, sound, and a new look for predators.

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