River Rock Custom Baits

Robert Shue makes some of the softest plastics on the custom market. With a passion for “matching the hatch” Robert customizes colors and molds that look better than the natural bait. River Rock’s quality focuses on fluid action and colors. If your looking for the tough plastic bait that lasts all day… these are not for you. If your wanting a bait with superb color and action to attract that one big bite… check out http://riverrockbaits.com! They have a separate site for their store… 

River Rock Store

RR Striker Swimbait 3  3/4”

I was impressed with this bait before it even touched the water. I purchased the Baby Bass w/Silver –Pearl color and was blown away by how natural it looked in the sunlight. On the first trip out I paired it with a Lunker City white/chartreuse swimbait jighead found at https://lunkercity.com. About ten casts into the float trip my client hooked into a trophy smallmouth and followed that by countless more. One plastic swimbait last about 3 to 4 fish before becoming damaged beyond re-hooking. The bait looked exceptional on the fall and swam true with lots of kicking action.


Smallmouth (SM)  Killer 4 ½” in Bluntnose Shiner

A super finesse plastic will still move even when you are completely still. The softness of the bait and size just add to the unbelievable action on a drop shot, shakey head, or texas rigged. Just throw a smaller sized worm hook (I like the award winning Texposer worm hook by Lunker City ) and fish it weightless, almost like a plastic jerkbait.

2 3/4” Fat Stic

I sent Robert a few photos of some of our local baits/minnows/chubs I had trapped in nearby rivers. He immediately sent me a couple Fat Stick’s in a custom clearwater Dk. Baby Bass color to test out! I paired it with one of his Tactical Finesse jigs and it was on! On the second cast I had almost got the bait back in, when it was hammered by a nice 17 in. smallmouth bass (which gave me a great close quarters fight.) All the bass took that bait very aggressively that day. I would just jump it quickly through pools and runs in the river and get strikes constantly. He put together a great line of colors like Gumbo, Bluntnose Shiner, Baby bsss w/ silver pearl and will flat out minnick live bait feeding and escaping on the river or lake bottom.

River Rock Store