SmallJaw Craw | 412BaitCo

412BaitCo SmallJaw Craw
3.75in.  and 2.75in.
River Raider Color

This bait shines in so many ways. I can’t get over how natural a color river raider is and how it throws a light flash underwater. Bass often completely devour this color in our rivers here in Western North Carolina and I’ve done well in Northern Michigan on lake smallies. The new SOTY Pumpkin color and copperhead color look amazing on this bait as well. We pair this plastic craw with all types of jigs, as a trailer or by itself, it’s super solid. My fishing buddy always said, it’s the best bait to drag along the bottom in a deep hole!  As you can see in the clip, 412baits have great action and are always perfect straight out of the package. Donald and Missy place a tremendous amount of hard work and pride into each package of  baits they send out! Always a quality product!